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Talk Radio Segments

Chicago's Ukrainian Community Weighs In On Impeachment Inquiry

  • Feature for NPR Morning Edition, which included translations and political analysis.

Author Explores African American Faith Stories

  • An hour-long interview I conducted with a historian on stories of religion and liberation.

Science and Colonialism Series

  • A week-long series I hosted and produced about the social bias of scientific knowledge production.

Extinction Rebellion Coverage

  • Three spots (a preview, live standup, and recap) on major climate demonstration that aired on WBEZ.

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Media Appearances

Fear of Possible Russian Invasion Growing in Ukraine

  • Long-form commentary about the war in Ukraine for WBEZ Worldview and News.


Chicagoans from Ukraine Stand with Homeland

  • I was profiled in this Chicago Tribune piece and helped the reporter with sources.

Chocolate tycoon wins Ukrainian elections

  • Providing on-the-ground commentary from Ukraine after their presidential elections.


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